Chiropractic table specialists since 1982


Originally formed in 1982, Martin Chiropractic Equipment was the brainchild of local Sydney chiropractor, Gerry Martin. With a strong interest in engineering and a frustration at being unable to source a quality chiropractic equipment, Gerry Martin began to build his own treatment tables. Word soon spread throughout the local chiropractic community and soon his hobby had become a busy manufacturing enterprise. In 1984, preferring to concentrate on his chiropractic practice he sold the business to George Burns.

Between 1984 and 2006, George Burns continued the manufacture of the Martin tables with an emphasis on designing and developing new models to suit the needs and techniques of local chiropractors. The economical Vert-Econ is one such model that continues today.

In Late 2006 Martin Chiropractic Equipment was purchased by CME Medical and added to its stable of medical and scientific products.

In May 2017, the alliance of Dr Tim Maguire from Complete Care Chiropractic Tables and Service will further strengthen and grow the brand. With a focus on using the finest components and precision manufacturing techniques, today's Martin tables deliver a robust and stable treatment platform which represents keen value  and are guaranteed to last.

Martin tables are proudly Australian made